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The next generation of carports in Brisbane

Discover the next generation in carports and shade sail solutions with the cantilevered carport shade available from the Brisbane carport specialists, ModiForm. Offering versatile protection for your car, patios, outdoor dining area and pool through to commercial projects and beyond, the ModiForm cantaport is a contemporary shade solution that is both compact and easy to install. To find out more about the cantaport range from ModiForm, speak to our sales staff today.

Stylish and versatile shade structures

Whether it’s a stylish cantilevered patio cover or a durable carport, a cantaport is the perfect option. These resilient, enduring and stylish shade structures are now visible at homes and businesses across Brisbane and can be found dotting the residential and commercial landscapes with their aesthetically pleasing finish. Cantaports can be used in a wide range of applications, including:
Patios and alfresco dining areas — residential and commercial
Pools and spas
Verandahs and pergolas
Carparks and car yards
Bus and train terminals
Hotel and office entrance covers

Features of ModiForm cantaports

The ModiForm cantaport is a contemporary shading solution that is both compact and easy to install. Its main features include:
Anodised aluminium framework with a slimline appearance
Premium quality polycarbonate roofing shield
100% blockage of UV rays
Waterproof gutter system for weather changes
Hail proof and able to withhold winds of up 125km
250x stronger than glass
Heat reduction of up to 75%
Colour options of silver, urban grey, bronze or black
10-year warranty on all components