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Roll Beam Structures

Roll beam structures for sophisticated shade

If you’re searching for an easy solution to the difficulties involved with installing waterproof shade structures, roll beam structures are the answer. A revolutionary coupling system, roll beam structures are designed to allow two pipes to be joined at any angle, creating endless possibilities and flexibility. Not only are roll beam structures easy to use, they also give you the freedom to create individual and customised shade structure designs. Adding value to existing properties, the team at ModiForm will consult with you to deliver a stylish, sophisticated and enviable outdoor living space.

How do roll beam structures work?

Roll beam structures can be wall-mounted, roof-mounted or freestanding on posts. The tension of the membrane cover is not transmitted to the mounting points, instead being contained within the frame itself. This means that unlike with traditional membrane covers, the structural integrity of existing buildings is not compromised by the addition of a roll beam structure. These structures are so adaptable that difficult site restrictions can be easily overcome and minor design modifications can be adopted if and when they occur.

ModiForm roll beam structure features

Beautifully crafted to complement and enhance your existing property, our roll beam shade structures feature:
UV block of 98.8%
High density polyethylene (HDP) which offers a high strength to density ratio
UV stabilised fabrics that do not rot, corrode or absorb moisture
Premium quality lock-stitch construction for superior impact and tear strength
A 10 year UV warranty on fabric
Allow air to circulate, producing a cooler, more comfortable environment
Weather proof shading available in either PVC or PTFE