Carparks Shade Structures, Brisbane

First impressions are priceless, so shopping centre owners and managers must respond to the needs of their shoppers. This starts with the carpark. Your carpark may be losing business for your centre and your retailers because it is too hot or uncomfortable for shoppers and their families. Your return on investment could be adversely affected if your car park shade structures are not up to scratch or non-existent. Providing quality commercial carpark shade sends the message to your shoppers that you care about their welfare.

Carpark Shade Sails Brisbane
Carpark Shade Sails Brisbane

Benefits Of Commercial Carpark shade

If your carpark shade is not up to the standard that your customers expect, you may actually be losing businesses. When designed and created with your specific space and use in mind, installing or increasing the car park shade for your shopping centre or business can benefit your bottom line in five key ways:

  • Attracting New Shoppers Who Appreciate The Protection For Their Vehicles
  • Maintaining Shopper Loyalty
  • Keeping Customers On The Premises For Longer
  • Increasing The Street Appeal Of The Centre
  • Decreasing Tenant Vacancies

Choose Modiform For Your Brisbane Carpark Shade

Choosing quality shade structures that are designed to suit the particular needs of your business and its customers is essential. This means choosing commercial car park shade structures that match your budget while still delivering the safety and longevity you deserve. It also means avoiding erecting shade structures that are less resistant to vandalism or that do not have the appropriate warranties. All Modiform commercial carpark shade structures are designed and built using the very best materials to ensure they stand the test of time. Our products are also covered by extensive warranties, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

carpark Shade Sails Brisbane


  • Sails Custom-Made To Your Exact Requirements

  • Created using the latest technologies for precision design
  • High quality Shade sails Brisbane manufactured here in Australia
  • Specialised concrete-free footing systems