commercial shade sails brisbane_modiform

Working alongside Playscape Creations, Modiform have recently completed a set of architecturally designed shade sails as part of the Pelican Waters New Town Centre and Marina

commercial shade sails brisbane_modiform
commercial shade sails brisbane_modiform

Play Ground Shade Sails

This park in the mix is the waterfront park overlooking the marina. On track for a Christmas completion, it features an interactive shipwreck playground and stylish sandstone-block shoreline reminiscent of Barangaroo Reserve on Sydney’s harbour foreshore.

This area will provide an open-space connection between the vibrant marina retail sector, a 1.4 hectare lake and the island.

commercial shade sails brisbane_modiform

Technology for Accuracy

Taking a balanced approach to this project that combined aesthetics and functionality to find the perfect shade solution for community use, we were able to exact the amount of coverage and protection our sails would provide at each hour of the day through our technologies in “3D MAPPING”and “3D BIM”.

Having a long history and respect for the importance of ensuring our structures stand strong for a lifetime, our set of shade sails and posts  was approved by our engineering partners, ensuring Pelican Waters iconic playground shade structures will stand strong to a quantifiable standard.

commercial shade sails brisbane_modiform

Our favourite feature in the project would have to be the expansive white fabric that harmonised beautifully with the custom made iconic boat structure – A colour we were able to recommend due to the non-moulding, non-rotting commercial grade properties of Australian made Monotec fabric.

Project Details

  • Area Covered: Play Ground Community Park

  • Post Finish: Galvanised Steel

  • Fabric – Monotec Commercial Shade Cloth (15 year warranty, Commercial Grade)

commercial shade sails brisbane_modiform


The high and low posts keep the sail tight while optimising shading to the community of Pelican Waters.

Shade sails added visual appeal along with tying in with play elements and define the area. The classic hypar (twisted) shade sail works well for this application as it hold its shape and adds an architectural look and feel to the area.

Thanks to Playscape Creations for such a great project collaboration.