Outdoor Easement in Need of Weather Protection. 

Seeking to connect home and outdoor entertainment zone, Modiform have recently covered the walkway in between.

Queenslander Deck Shade

  • Area Covered: 12 square meters

  • Fabric: Valmex FR 580 S Waterproof PVC Membrane With 10 Year Warranty

  • Construction: Custom Desined Weatherproof Cloth Membrane Structurally Fixed In Roof With Pre-Engineered M20 Stainless Steel fixings and Re-enforced Bracing

  • Project Length: 4 Weeks

  • Suburb: The Gap, Queensland

  • Budget: $3,300 – $3,600

If you would like most information on shade solutions for your space, or to simply have a chat about potential options for your outdoor area, please contact us for a complimentary design visit to your home