Shade sails crafted to handle Australia’s  harsh sun

Custom shade sails that shade and style your property

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Here at Modiform, we are an established,  full service supplier of high-quality shade sails and shading solutions in any size and shape.
We are specialised for larger open spaces such as playgrounds and community gardens, as well as smaller, boutique projects such as residential homes, restaurants and offices.

A Variety of Applications








The Modiform difference


Designer’s who solve problems

A beautiful shade sails begins with an experienced designer and ends with expert craftsmen.

Architecturally trained


Our design team aim’s to produce the most extraordinary shade sail designs whilst making sure that the space is properly shaded and compliments the surrounding property.

Engineering experience


From structural engineering approvals to inspections and certifications, Modiform are able to facilitate a hassle-free full service for you.

Specialised expertise for the outdoor shade sail industry


Our designers and builders have been doing this for a long time and as such, we have the tools and expertise to ensure your shade structures are fit for purpose for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Projects Big and Small


True to our name, modiform shade sails’ flagship and most popular product is the shade sail because they add artistic beauty to outdoor spaces in a way that can’t be achieved with any other shade structure.

Residential shade sails

Add character and a comfort to your outdoor space with our selection custom designed residential shade sails. Easily cover areas such as traditional patio’s, carports, walkways and swimming pools

Cantilever shade sails

Modiform’s cantilever series is designed to create outdoor spaces to suit your lifestyle. No more awkward posts in the middle of your space! Experience our cantilever shade range that is designed to fit almost anywhere on your property

Large shade construction

Our team provides a full service shade solution for any commercial project. From design to engineering, fabrication and installation, we will ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Delivery in as little as 4 weeks


Our designers and builders have been doing this for a long time, so we have the tools and expertise to ensure your shade structure project is delivered in as little as four weeks.

Innovative building methods

All of our shade sails are secured with our innovative, concrete free footing system. This system increases efficiency. No more digging holes or filling with messy concrete that causes damage to the property.

Professional partners

We source from reliable partners for quality fabrics, steel and fixings so every piece of material in your shade sail has the highest standards in the industry.

Expert project managers

Our team of project managers streamline the manufacturing process for fewer errors and delays. We achieve results for our clients by working collaboratively to understand their individual needs for the best outcomes.

Introducing our alternative footing system

No digging, No concrete, No mess

See how our footing system works



Quality Is The Difference.

Modiform shade sails’ make high quality sails by using tried and tested material and install methods. Our sails are made from the highest quality of fabrics available; and by quality, we mean built strong to last a lifetime.

  • All of our shade sails are produced using the latest architectural AutoCad software

  • Made to order locally using computerised technology to design and plot our shade sails

  • Webbing edge protection on each pocket at cable exit

  • Double folded interlocked seams & double folded Edge Pockets (no raw edges)

  • PTFE UV stablized long lasting thread

  • Twin needle double stitching to all seams and edge pocket

  • Marine grade stainless steel edge cable

  • HDPE fabric that provides the highest UV protection

  • PTFE UV stablized long lasting thread

  • Reinforced corner gussets with extra webbing straps (Heavy duty)

  • Stainless steel corner rings supported by webbing straps



Modiform will never compromise on quality, which is why we use the best fabrics and strongest structural elements. To prove the strength and structural integrity of our shade sails, Modiform’s designs are always approved by our consulting engineers before leaving the factory.

Here at Modiform, we believe that when it comes to textile fabrication, a shade sail is only as good as the weakest link. With this in mind, our shade sail fabrics are sewn together with thread that has been designed for outdoor applications that resist degradation when exposed to the most extreme weather conditions. This fabric is constructed by knitting together the monofilament and tape yarns that significantly reduce the spreading of tears, guaranteed with a 15 year limited lifetime warranty.



Our shade fabric comes in various colours that provide up to 98% UV sun protection.

Find the right fabric for your shade sail needs:

Parasol is a commercial grade knitted shade cloth suitable for tension structures and other heavy duty applications. It is manufactured using a combination of high density monofilament and tape which offers a high degree of protection from UV radiation, known to be the cause of sunburn and cancer.

  • Performance with the knitted, high tenacity yarn provides a durable finish that offers exceptional strength and abrasion resistance

  • Protection that offers up to 95% UVR block

  • Peace of mind supporting a 10 year warranty

Commercial 95 340 enables maintenance-free longevity with the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability. The world’s first architectural type shade fabric which acquired Ecotex 100 and green guard certification.

  • The knit lock stitch structure prevents fraying and tearing

  • UV Stabilized tape yarn that balances strength and UV block and require minimal maintenance.

  • Up to 97.7% UV block reduces sunlight

  • 10 years of UV degradation guarantee for fabric

Monotec 370 Series shadecloth is the perfect solution for stronger, longer lasting shade sails and structures. The sturdy fabric construction of round monofilament yarns will not stretch over time assuring the integrity of your structure’s stability for many years to come. 

  • Stronger against wind, rain and fire than any other fabric

  • Rot free

  • Maintenance free – no need for installers to return after installation to re-tighten sails

  • The industry’s only 15 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • The only shadecloth that will retain its permanent shape and design

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Modiform’s process


We connect

One of our designers will connect with you to discuss your ideas, concerns and needs. Here, we will develop a brief that outlines the kind of structure you need and how the structure is best designed to integrate within your area.

We design

Modiform’s design specialists will take your ideas and bring them to life. Our proposals are presented visually through our 3D design software that allow you to visualise the space before it is even built!

We collaborate

Once a design solution and fee agreement is reached, your designer will work alongside the project manager throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth, efficient and hassle free production process.

We Deliver

We will pull together the program delivery schedule that keeps you informed throughout every stage of the production process.



Ready to Talk?


Whatever your project needs, our team are committed to helping you deliver on time and on budget. We look forward to assisting you.

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    Modiform work with both commercial and residential clients to design, manage and build modern Brisbane shade sails that are tailored to suit our customers unique requirements. Our heavy duty range of residential shade products are available in waterproof or PVC coated materials for permanent and durable outdoor use.

    Whether you require privacy fence screens for your home or a shade solution to cover your driveway, outdoor entertainment area, swimming pool or sand pit, we can design and install waterproof shade sails Brisbane to specifically suit your home’s outdoor needs.

    Your car, boat or caravan deserves high-quality protection, and the team at Modiform can provide you with the perfect solution. Our carport shade sails Brisbane are designed for superior shielding against harsh UV rays and other weather elements so that your vehicle is kept cool, and protected from potential damage.

    Our custom carport shade sails brisbane can easily be fitted to the eaves, brickwork or roof of your home. Call us today to find out how we can cater to your needs and provide you with quality carport shade.

    Adding architectural flair while blocking the sun and rain, our waterproof shade sails Brisbane are the economical way to permanently cool large commercial areas. Custom commercial shade sails are ideal for a variety of outdoor commercial areas needing protection against sun, wind and rain.

    Here at Modiform Brisbane shade sails, we design, manufacture and install shade structures for councils, offices, schools, kindergartens, sporting grounds and much more. Utilising computer-aided design, our commercial shade sails keep your commercial premises comfortable and protected.