Choosing the right shade solution for you is the most important step in the planning process. For this, you must know the difference between each option.

Most people are quick to think of shade cloth when considering a shade solution for their outdoors, without realizing that other materials are available for all types of weather.

Waterproof shade sails are a great solution for providing protection from harmful UV rays and keeping outdoor living areas dry. Modiform is one of the leading providers of waterproof shade sails brisbane, and it’s fair to say we are specialists on this particular product.

Many people consider shade sails as the only option for protection from the harsh Australian sun. Modiform’s waterproof shade sails are not only great for sun protection but also a great solution for protecting outdoor areas from those rainy days. Waterproof sails will keep your outdoor area preserved for year-round enjoyment.

shade sails

In this article, we will inform you about all things waterproof shade sails. You may be more familiar with shade sails, which look and work in a very similar application to waterproof shade sails. This being said, the biggest limitation of the shade sail is that they don’t provide protection from the rain.

If you are looking for waterproof fabrics for shade sails, feel free to contact us on 1800 663 436 or at We service waterproof shade sails Brisbane, gold coast, sunshine coast and in between.

Modiform waterproof shade sails Brisbane craft all-weather sails for large and small projects. The most common requests we receive are for large scale waterproof shade sail projects are office breakout zones and outdoor restaurants, as well as smaller boutique projects like residential carports, patios and pergolas.

From Modiforms perspective, the best fabric to use for waterproof shade sails is a waterproof PVC fabric. PVC is a composite of woven polyester yarn, coated on both sides with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). The quality of PVC ranges widely. At Modiform, we have a select few ranges that are heavier, stronger and therefore, longer-lasting. Our PVC’s are also easier to clean, with additional topcoats, and acrylics applied to keep them clean.

Our PVC fabrics last for 10–15 years and include a huge range of colors.

PVC fabrics

Modiform’s waterproof shade sails Brisbane are an outstanding solution, protecting your assets from even the harshest of Australia’s weather conditions.

Waterproof shade sails Brisbane are also suited to carports, patio’s, pergolas and multiplex apartment common areas. Commercially, waterproof shade sails are greatly suited to children’s play areas, stadium swimming pools and outdoor restaurant areas, just to name a few.

Superior Protection

Superior Protection

The main difference between regular shade sails and waterproof shade sails Brisbane is the fabric, which provides a protective barrier, capable of withstanding all kinds of weather.

The benefits of waterproof shade sails

waterproof shade sails aren’t only an affordable option but offer a great alternative to permanent and costly shade structures. Other benefits include adding value to your property by creating more usable space outside. Waterproof shade sails are also a great lightweight option that is airy and non-obstructive. Modiform’s premium quality shade sails allow air to flow through, which is fantastic during summers warmer months.

Other things to consider for your waterproof shade sail.

The shape

The shape of your waterproof shade sail will make all the difference when it comes to keeping you dry. For instance, you should always be wary of water run-off, which if your sail is not shaped with a high and low point, will pool and create sagging. The simplest way to ensure this doesn’t happen in by putting your high points opposite each other. With two high opposing corners, and two low opposing corners, a unique shape is created that is ideal.

Just a final tip here is to make sure your high points are at a ratio of around 1:5 so the proportions are complimentary and the function is optimized.

Consider your hardware

There are so many different types of fixing points in the industry. Here at modiform, we prefer eyebolt fixings because they allow for higher working loads and hold strong when under tension.


If you are looking for premium waterproof shade sails Brisbane, we would love to help deliver a superior solution for you. Modiform PVC sails manufacture to a very high quality using only tried and tested material and install methods. Our sails are made from the highest quality of fabrics available, and by quality, we mean built strong to last a lifetime.

All of Modiform’s waterproof shade sails Brisbane are produced using the latest architectural AutoCad software

We make to order locally using computerized technology to design and plot our PVC waterproof shade sails Brisbane

We provide double folded interlocked seams & double folded edge pockets

Our waterproof shade sails Brisbane are fully welded using our high-frequency welders to ensure the strongest bond and strong tension

We use Marine grade stainless steel edge cable, reinforced corner gussets with extra webbing straps (heavy duty) and stainless steel corner rings supported by webbing straps

At Modiform, quality drives everything we do and problem-solve for great design solutions. Modiform also manufacture with high-quality materials available and are dedicated to managing our projects to deliver great shade sail solutions for our clients.

For more information on how you can use waterproof shade sails Brisbane, please contact one of our friendly team today on 1800 663 436

So if you’re considering investing in a shade solution for your home, perhaps consider waterproof shade sails before the other available options. Waterproof shade sails are versatile and offer great all-weather protection, they look fantastic, and they are more affordable when compared with other fixed shade solutions.

Modiform’s waterproof shade sails Brisbane are perfect for creating outdoor living areas that can be used all year round and regardless of the weather. If you live in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, call us on 1800 663 436 for a free measure and quote.

We hope this has been helpful information as you decide on an outdoor waterproof shade sail that works for you and your home. For more insights, check out our’ frequently asked questions’ blog here.